Monday, 22 February, 2010

Jugaads: Innovation we Indians do..

Well we all do Jugaads/Innovations in our daily life.. we find simple solutions to our daily life tasks.
we all fix our broken tail lights by applying some adhesive or cello-tape , a professor may just use the same old pen broken into two by taping it, milk man arrives on his bullet motorcycle with Milk Cans Hanging on the back, we students paying the call center cabs driver a mere 10 bucks rather than taking
an auto for the same route costing 100 Bucks.. we all must have seen rickshaws with a old Bajaj scooter engine attached to it, n number of things we do in our day to day life..

Well some think "Out Of The Box" and use it commercially ,some famous cases are a Transportation Medium Called "Jugaad" , small roadside Dhabbas(Resturants) using a Washing Machine to prepare Lassi( a Drink Made by churning Yogurt and Milk)..

N here's a list of great articles where one can understand the whole world of Jugaads That Indians do...

The motorcycle crop sprayer

Jugaad at work: Two engineering students with their invention – charging the cellular phone by using the smoke from the bike, in Karimnagar, Andhra Pradesh.

A Jugaad vehicle made with water pumpsets

A nice blog On Indian Jugaads/Innovation

Indian Export To the rest of the World - JUGAAD

So keep on innovating people...or as we say be Jugaadu