Saturday, 26 December, 2009

So Nokia will go bust!!!!!

Well i ain't sayin this..
MY very good friend says this..let's see why??

Well he owns a Nokia N92( communicator) n one fine day he drops it(keep this in mind)
now some part gets broken from inside.. so he gives it to the Nokia service center to get it repaired..
now it takes them more than a week to reapair n return his phone.. they had promised it'll be done within three days..
now can u stay without your phone?? ..which has all your contacts n other info for a day..
let alone a week.. no doubt my friend was infuriated..
so, while getting the delivery of his phone he writes on the feedback form that he's not satisfied with the service... n forget's all about it( no co. actually goes through the forms)

surprise !! surprise!! (actualy shock in his own words)
he get a call from Nokia..ya.. u heard right..
ok so whatz the big deal.. they ask him some lame questions.. n he states clearly that he was quite discomforted becoz of the delay...
so the Nokia promises that something will defntly done to compensate him..
( well promises are meant to be broken..aren't they)

shock!! shock!!
he gets another call a day after.. n guess what??
Nokia replaces his phone for a brand new one albeit battery..
ya .. this is a true story..

n before telling all this to me .. my friend said" Nokia is gonna go bust "
no prizes for guessing y??

Disclaimer: i've always used a Nokia phone.. n i love them...


Wanderer said...

Good one.. Was it our dear entrepreneur frnd.. but even nokia wud do all this for a high end customer.. they will go bust if they do such things for their sub 5000 range

Apurva Narang said...

it was neemish... ya i guess in very exceptional cases co.'s can go overboard to serve their customer.. so were do u draw the line??