Friday, 2 July, 2010

I have lost (#Brazil ) and it seems so has @twitter

The above are screen shots of Tweeps wondering why twitter Fail Whale appears soo much..

If you are a co. with 100 + million users sending across more than a billion tweets , you need to scale up people..

This is a common occurrence whenever there is a major international event ..
Today saw the exist of Brazil from the World Cup..
people do take out their joy and frustration on twitter..
but it just ducks under the pressure..and seems to me it has become a habit with @twitter

If i'm a co. going to invest money on promoted tweets i need to make sure that i'm visible at the critical moments when people are most involved..
That's the whole point of Social Media Marketing..that's what will bring some sort of revenue for twitter.

But twitter is being casual about it ... have we made someone too big too soon..
Will the Fail Whale prove to be twitter's Achilles heel..
I hope not.. i love @twitter.. but the whale is better off in the water
...not on my computer screen..

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