Saturday, 3 July, 2010

Uruguay steal a win.. Most Treasured Red Card ever

While looking at wiki to check Uruguay's population this is what i Found...
Someone was really quick at it i must say ...

Simply put.. had Uruguay's Suarez not fouled .. Ghana would have won..

So there goes Africa's last team..

and Uruguay move on to the semi-final where they might have to play all their 3 Goalkeepers.

Tweepl are not mighty pleased .. here are some reactions..

@BTVision #URU win, a bit of an injustice after #GHA's extra-time performance.

@karen_e_eaton Sometimes cheaters do win. #uruguay #worldcup

@anandmahindra Whoever coined the phrase 'cruel fate' had Team Ghana in mind.Who would join Uruguay's undeserved celebration?I weep alongside Africa

Well that just sums it up..

Update : The Wiki for Uruguay just got corrected ... but you have the proof above..

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