Sunday, 17 January, 2010

Great article on Quantam Physics

I'm the biggest fool around..

Let me prove it to you..

I read this great article about Quantum Physics... it tells how Photons respond to each other from miles away and that any communication between them, if at all ,has to take place at 10,000 times the speed of light....(i wont write more u gotta read it...its truly fascinating)

So i read this on On a newspaper called my college Library.. hence din tear it out to keep for myself..i just thought would get it over the net..

so i forget about it for a month.. n then when i tried to search for it over the net on i couldn't just find it.. google din seem to have any clue either...
Believe me ..try the keywords yourself.. nothing worked...

Today finally after 6-7 months of searching maybe once a in 15 days i got the link...

n where.. on the site of Wall Street Journal.. ya.. a partner of MINT newspaper.

One of my fav stuff in Science...
n it's very well explained..
if a Dumb Ass like me can understand it.. u sure can..

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