Saturday, 2 January, 2010

the marketer of the decade award goes to - YOU

Ya it's you who is the most sought after marketer of the decade..

well Time magazine didn't just name "YOU" the person of the year for nothing..

It's all because it "YOU" who updates his/her staus on FB.. It's YOU who's like and dislikes make others follow suit(ur friends... n hence the co.'s themselves)

It's your voice within those 140 characters sets the tone of the things to come and the things to "follow"

With the new media plastering itself deep into the social fabric of life it is "YOU" who makes or breaks a brand.. It is your voice that make a simple company from a litle town reach out to the world and it is your RT's which make their voice resonate all around.

So with any product , any company, brand today YOU has the power to reach out to millions.
So Nexus One dosen't need to even be launched before YOU make it a tending topic (on twitter) .. a NaNo dosen't need to be advertised for YOU know it all too well..

Now companies don't just have to acknowledge your tastes and preferences companies have to acknowledge YOU as a marketing partner.

P.S. when will Indian co.'s wake up to realize this..

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Wanderer said...

they will my friend.. its just indian cos take a while to wake up.. keep up the good work