Sunday, 3 January, 2010

tweet tweet

well of late i've been twittering quite a lot..
a. don get the time to write long blogs
b. feel like sharing info with all..
c. don use facebook for sharing this info.. (u don go on a double-date with your boss.. u take along your buddy)

well then y iam writing in here today??
my bestest friend works with an IT co. in Japan..
Japan happens to have the biggest users of twitter outside USA..
n this guy doesn't use twitter?? well din came as a surprise for me..
u can take a guy out of India..but not India out of a guy..

ok..seriously.. i tried selling him the idea of signing up for twitter.. but not the ol' fashioned way that itz the 'in' thing.. but becoz it actually is Useful..(that's y i like twitter)
as in u can search n find about the stuff you really interested in...
n ya one would be surprised with the kind of useful stuff u can come across..

so ..let's see if he heeds my advice n lets see what he thinks of it..

many of my friends..actually most... who have signed up.. rarely use it.. rather not at all..
the major blame goes to twitter itself.. coz these guys don know what to do.. n how it could help..
not everyone goes on tweetdeck n other such applications to make it simpler.. itz twitter who have to provide useful applications..
for im sure most would agree.. had it not been for some innovative thinkers n early adapters.. twitter by itself wouldn't have been anywhere close to what it is today...
n it can't piggyback itself on someone else's shoulders..

come on you lil bird u gotta fly by urself n learn to hunt alone...

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