Tuesday, 5 January, 2010

No one is gonna buy this .. e-bay

e-bay came out with a media campagin with a set of 4 ads...
Ad Agency : Weinden+Kennedy, India

We must state at the outset that the the idea is quite stale... n the presentation too bland
to tap their target audience..

At first look it looks more like a Bingo Ad... but no, its just worse....
Have a look here

This ad surely can't assure even Brand Awareness..
Rather it puts such a vibrant brand like e-bay on the back foot...
n portray's a very mundane and dull image of e-bay as a site..

We are not actaully against the black n white... we are more disturbed By the lack of creativity..
n the purposely gibberish sound does sound just gibberish..

with inputs by @vikram142

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