Tuesday, 5 January, 2010

Property prices moving left right and center

contrary to popular belief..property prices are going anywhere but down..

u just gotta be at the right place.. and NOW is the right time..

where?? one might ask..

heard of small town called Hapur .. prices in industrial area have doubled in less than 2 months..

try going to Bijnore .. the same story here..

ok .. lets move on to more popular places.. head to New Delhi.. 2 bed room flat at CR park 1.75 Cr
be quick.. by the time u finish reading the guy gonna ask a cool 10 lac more.. if anyone can plz let me know about a 2 bed room flat in malviya nagar.. a friend wants to invest 2 Cr..

but why should we bother now..
the good news is this is the first time since the rally in property prices that actual buyers are moving in..
More so in tier2 and tier3 cities than metros i must agree..

n why??

most of the industries located within these cities are moving out.. to outskirts industrial areas..
to put all doubts to rest.. its happening at some of the most Industrialised cities like Ludhiana and Jalandhar..
i must agree my knowledge about cities down south is zilch.. but i'am researching on them too and would update this article soon..
so all u who after extra dough... invest now.. when the mood in the air is still a bit lul..
coz soon everyone will join the bandwagon again..

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