Tuesday, 5 January, 2010

Search= Google =Ads =Google = Mobile.

K great... now Google does finally go mobile...

Those looking for a review.. here's one of the best ones

n ya its not available in India.. i'll check out gafar market don worry..
then some say itz not compatible with our network..
again i say "gafar market"(my fingers are crossed)

I'm more interested in what it means to google..

now itz not just a big advertising agency (where do u think they earn those billion $ from)

itz moved into being a mobile company as well..
Well google is my favourite company...
so ya I'm exited.. n wish them all the very best...
n once u have read the review above u'll know that Nexus One is truly amazing..

so whats bugging me except that the fans here in India will be disappointed..

the fact that Google will step on the toes of itz very associates if u may like to call them..
i.e. company's who launched android platform from Motorola , Samsung , LG etc
these people had invested heavily to carry the android ... n now google n these players have come on head on collision.. this is one space which i would look out for..

the other.. is newtons fav fruit.. Apple Inc.

Google has the ammunition to stand own its own against Apple..
but these are two of the most loved companies that we have around..
n this face-off will sure be interesting..

coming back to India.. web store ain't gonna work... but I'm sure they'll learn from Apple's mistakes in India.. n as it is the unlocked version is available..
but again thanks to "gafar market" guyz the locked version is cheap..
(for all those who don't know.. Gafar market is THE grey market in India n this is where all phones get unlocked)

As of today google's stock was down abt 3% .. nothing to worry it has doubled the past year..
so with Nexus with the ONE it's probably gonna rise more..

what's in store for the future... well .. it'll have some amazing applications as codes been given out to developers.. more than 3 billion applications of i-phone had been downloaded by users..
will Nexus One beat that ..
n how well it'll be received after the initial hype..
i'll keep this space warm with that..

now signing off with the Irony of the day..
i read the review above .. n guess what.. right at the bottom of it was an Ad of
i-phone running on google ads..

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